Tooling, machinery and manufacturing equipment. Jigs & Fixtures for assembly line and quality control

Including CAD design, rapid prototyping, laser scanning, 3D printing, resin and composites casting, machining.

Were needed, the control jigs / fixtures itself are provided with a control measuring protocol and a dedicated QC measuring and setting device to check that the control jigs/fixtures fulfill all the demands of the appropriate standards.

  • Enforces operational procedures or sequences
  • Improve the production line
  • Simplify and improve housekeeping
  • Lower costs and skills requirements
  • Improved operator attitudes
  • Increase production flexibility
  • Eliminates choices leading to incorrect actions
  • Decrease set-up times with associated reduction in production time and improved production capacity
  • Increase safety
  • Ensures quality control at the source instead of quality after the fact, ensuring correct component fit
  • Eliminate set-up errors and improved quality
  • Eliminates incorrect measurements and inaccurate positioning of parts.