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Automation, labor-saving systems for production process, materials handling & part management

  • Sequencing trailers with customized protective dunnage and enclosure systems to prevent damage or contamination.
  • Kitting boxes, trays and containers.
  • Intralogistics tugger train frames, mother/daughter trolleys and carts, dollies & handling racks, pallet carts, Rotating carts, Tilt carts, Free flow shelves, Sliding extendable carts
  • Special packaging – dunnage materials includes different types of plastics, laminated “rollover” the edge fabrics (Tyvek, Spun-bond, Brushed Nylon, and other “Class A” protective materials), fabricated protective foams & sleeve Packs.
  • PU and PUR Molded Parts and inserts – in many different colors and degrees of hardness, from individual PU parts up to bonded steel or plastic parts.
  • Safety barriers, Impact and noise protection.
  • Industrial quality aluminium workbenches, work stations and Tooling boards
  • Karakuri systems, Minomi carts and flow racks.
  • Handling and conveyor systems.
  • 6s shadow boards, Security signage & information boards, Kanban system parts.
  • Reduced down-time on production lines.
  • Safe and ergonomic part presentation.
  • Maximize parts density
  • Improved TAKT times
  • Cushioning support.
  • Consistent inventory measurements.
  • “Class A” surface protection.
  • Electrostatic discharge (ESD) protection