Our offer

We understand the impact of our proposals, and use our practical experience, innovative ideas, creative engineering and comprehensive manufacturing expertise to bring real contributions to product design and technology.

  • Process alignment & commitment to quality
  • Timely service & ‘just-in-time’ performance
  • Market knowledge & production capabilities
  • Ability to provide technical assistance
  • Solutions that fits your functional, budget and deadline.

Bring us your challenge

We solve difficult issues with clever, elegant andsustainable solutions.
We insert new solutions into your plant with the least disruption possible.
We have a culture of finding, how to do it better.
Customer service is not a department, it's our attitude.
Our operations are fast, infinitely scalable, to handle programs of all sizes.

Our expertise

We have the engineering skills and production facilities to meet the requirments for:

  • Automation, labor-saving systems for production process, materials handling, part management & supply.
  • Tooling, machinery and manufacturing equipment for assembly line.
  • High-tech interoperability solutions for industry 4.0
  • Packaging & material handling solutions.
  • Industrial services including: inspection & QC, modification & repair works, reworks, maintenance, disposal & recycling

Let us be your secret competitive weapon, the hidden resource

With our multi-material engineering capabilities we select and combine materials to build the most
appropriate complete solution for each and every case.
We understand how automated systems work and collaborate with system integrators, end-users and other partners to design, validate and supply products that complements your automated system, to bring improvements to the production line & assembly cells, ensuring correct component fit.
We offer complete solutions for optimizing intralogistics and assembly operations, part feeding in Assembly lines for best takt times.